Decorating Your Venues the Florists in Mumbai


The wedding decor is significant for not just one but many reasons and no wedding decor are complete without beautiful and fresh flowers. They are a part of every wedding ritual, right from the mehendi ceremony when the bride is adorned with flowers to the garlands of the Varmala ceremony where the garlands are exchanged between the bride and the groom. The Mandap is all decorated in flowers during the Pheras and while welcoming the bride in the new home, the house is beautifully set up with flowers that are an intricate part of the good wishes and future blessings. Thus, it becomes important to ensure that the flowers chosen for your wedding are fresh and vibrant.

Florists to the rescue: One of the important parts of your wedding is your florist who ensures you get fresh flowers timely. Choosing a professional florist would ensure you get the best carnations and quality flower garlands or the Mandap decorations that fit your needs. The flower based requirements of a wedding need to be understood by them and they will deliver accordingly.
Flowers and Decor: While choosing a florist, do consider the wedding decor since they are a part and parcel of your overall decor and also of the wedding venue. The flowers of different colours and shapes would definitely affect the arrangements of the wedding venue. The different types of wedding venues require their own flower arrangements and some weddings are grand enough to demand exotic carnations.


Book the Florists Easily: The idea of booking a florist in India may have seemed absurd a few years ago but now it is a reality and people are using the services or ordering flowers online and getting them delivered anywhere in no time. All you need to do is visit the web site of the florist and place your orders along with the delivery date.


Flowers and Bloom: Florists in Mumbai offer the seasonal as well as non-seasonal flowers but at a cost. The wedding garlands are not just a mundane requirement but they need to look grand and thus most people get them tailor made. Thus, the customized orders of seasonal garlands are a specific requirement. The jasmine strings or the carnation flower string garlands, rose petals, Sampangi, Carnation are all the latest offerings from the florists and are much in demand.


Other Services: Many people ask the florists for other decor and Pooja items like pan and banana leaves, Thoran and flower hangings. In South Indian weddings, Rangoli and entrance decorations are required. The Sampangi flowers and Vadamali Rangoli are also common there. The prices are dependent on the ongoing rates and the florists usually sell flowers by their per Kilogram rates. The wedding decor of flowers may cost you from Rs.50,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/- and this may vary depending on the chosen flowers.

Thus, the idea of a wedding without flowers is never appealing and while planning your wedding, do take care of all the above points to make your wedding look grand.

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Celebrate Your Days in Banquets of Chandigarh

banquetA wedding in India is a gala affair with a lot of things to arrange and organise. One of the important parts of a good wedding is the venue and most Indians go for a banquet hall as their first option as a wedding venue. Banquet halls are these days available with every restaurant, 5 star and 7 star hotel chains. They provide an extremely useful facility for a private party as well as for bigger functions with limited guests like a wedding or a pre-wedding function. The banquet hall can accommodate right from 50 to 500 people and there are also larger banquet facilities that may be able to house more than 500 guests. Banquet halls are advantageous as an add-on facility and help the hotel chains earn added revenues.

Facilities in a Banquet Hall: The banquet halls may offer packages that may includes many major and minor facilities. The major banquet halls work on the basis of competition and thus offer everything that is offered by the other banquet halls or marriage gardens in the region that makes them compete actively in the market. They also decide the offering and the price based on the services that they are willing to provide under an umbrella.

How to finalize a Banquet Hall: Before booking a banquet hall in restaurant one should do proper research about its strengths and weaknesses. We can also talk to other people who have already booked that banquet hall for a feedback. A banquet hall should have a fun atmosphere; it should appeal to kids and should have reasonable prices. For formal events like weddings, this is the package to look for and do finalise after considering all these things.  Also look for the space and do not haste in booking but also do not get late.

When to book? Time is important and in case of a banquet halls. Do ensure that you book before prices escalate. Due to higher competition, most banquet hall offers packages if you book timely. They also confirm that they provide you the best services under these prices. The package includes decoration, food and other customized services too. Do make sure you choose a space that is not suffocating based on number of guests. Banquets in Chandigarh offer all these services and also at a convenient price.

Banquets may cost from Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 2,00,000/- and this may include food, management as well as decorations. The price depends on the space and number of guests. The banquets may also provide additional facilities including a dance floor, furnishings and equipment, wall coverings and wall décor. The modern day banquet hall also includes audio visual equipment and sound system that may be available for background music. Depending on the type of function they may also provide other customised amenities. A wedding can be made better through the choice of right space and the right space will make certain that your guests leave happily and remember your wedding for long time to come.

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Delight your guests with food from well known Caterers in Chandigarh


Caterers are needed for almost every occasion; from corporate parties to weddings and kitty parties. People nowadays rely more on catering services in order to handle their parties in a professional manner by industry experts.


Instead of hassle and tensions of arranging the food, catering services are the best options. These services take care of all the catering needs needed to make your party or event a memorable one. Right from arranging the raw material to clean up of the food plates, each and every aspect of the service is taken care of by professionals. The search for exclusive and creative caterers in the city of Chandigarh ends here and following are the best caterers in the beautiful city for serving delicious food and professional services.

Popular Caterers in Chandigarh:

Johnson Caterers:They are extremely professional in terms of their services. They are well known for their high quality food and services. Their professional staff works continuously to make your event a successful one. They undertake orders for all sorts of celebrations and events. They serve delicious and yummy food to their clients and the guests. National and international cuisines are included in their menu and so this helps to choose from a wide range of food items. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options are available.

Address: Near 39-west, Chandigarh.


popular caterers


Joshi Caterers: They make sure to make your event a memorable one with their quality food and services. They believe in the fact that an event is generally remembered by the delicious food served in the party. They undertake food orders for wedding as well as other parties. They maintain high standards and professionalism. The creativity in the food which is served is flawless and the food tastes appetizing. They have attention towards detailing in their services and this makes them standout among the crowd.

Address: Cabin No. 7, Sector 35-A, Chandigarh.




Kwality Caterers: They are the finest caterers in the industry since 1955. They prepare food customized according to the taste of their clients. They are specialized in arranging catering services for wedding, corporate parties, theme parties, etc. Their main specialty is preparing sumptuous food which surely satisfies the taste buds of their clients and presenting it in a creative way along with. They serve high quality food and the professional staff is well trained for making arrangements related to the catering services.

Address: Sector 14, Chandigarh.




Nazara Caterers: The Nazara caterers believe in delivering perfect services to their clients. High levels of hygiene is maintained while preparing and serving food. All aspects of catering services are covered by them and tasty food is served on the plates with utmost perfection in presentation as well. Professional team here has keen observation on each and every detail of the food as well as its presentation so that no detailing slips through the crack.

Address: Manimajra, Manimajra, Chandigarh.

Make your celebration delightful by choosing appropriate catering services which will surely make your celebration memorable in terms of food and its taste.


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Top Five Hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai is a dream city where people from several cities come to try their luck. Mumbai has been a major attraction for foreigners as well since long ago. Each day thousands of tourists land in this beautiful city to explore it.

As an Economic Centre, this city attracts entrepreneurs and businessman. Majority of corporate hubs are in this city. Reasons are limitless to visit Mumbai. The first most important thing while visiting any city is finding a hotel.

There are thousands of hotels in Mumbai. Right from cheap and budget hotels to luxury ones are available. Depending on the purpose of visit and budget one can choose hotel in the city of glam. In modern world, people around the globe are in search of luxury hotels, so as to relax and take a break from stressful routine life.

Terrific Hotels in Mumbai

The Taj Mahal Palace & Towers: This is the most popular destination of tourists and businessman. The hotel is well-known for its history, ambiance and hospitality. This hotel has a perfect balance of traditional Indian culture and modern facilities. The paintings in the Taj Mahal Palace are very beautiful and attractive. The sea facing hotel rooms provide uninterrupted view of the sea. The pool side experience is energizing. Spa is well maintained, cleaned and you will feel rejuvenated. Rooms are cozy and comfortable and decorated with a class.

Location: Apollo Bunder, Mumbai.

Grand Hyatt Mumbai: It is a high-end luxury hotel and is well connected to airport and roadways. It is a best destination for corporate meetings. The conference and event halls have hi-tech audio and visual facilities. The rooms are spacious and décor are excellent. It’s a place to experience the ambiance and hospitality.

Location:Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz (E), Mumbai.

Juhu Residency Boutique Hotel: The rooms are spacious and comfortable in this hotel. The makeover of this hotel adds stars in the décor and ambiance. It is a home the elite and glamour icons and many celebrities. The beach is easily accessible from this hotel. It is well connected to national and international airports.

Location:Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai.

The Emerald: The hotel has 66 spacious rooms. The hotel is located in the heart of the city with easily accessible happening places. Kids play area will engage your kids and you can have leisure time with yourself or with your partner. Get relaxed in spa and have a quality time relieving your stress. The fitness Centre is fully equipped. The hotel is just 2 minutes away from the beach.

Location:Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai.

Hotel Marine Plaza:The hotel is irresistible for its flower laden pool terrace and sea view. One can enjoy the view of Queen’s Necklace form room. Rooms are big and decorated aesthetically. Hotel rooms are clutter free and full of essential amenities. FitnessCentre is well equipped in the hotel.

Location: Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Enjoy your leisure time with family and friends with best and luxurious hotels in Mumbai

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Learn the art of dancing from leading Dancing institute in Mumbai

Dancing-institute-MumbaiMumbai has been the dream place for millions for transforming their dreams into reality. Mumbai is the central point of success and entertainment. If you live music, films, dance then Mumbai is the place that you could choose. Mumbai has some great dancing institutes that provide excellent opportunities to the dance lovers. Dancing institute in Mumbai is the best place for the dance lovers for finding their niche. There are excellent options available in Mumbai and the dance lovers can choose comfortably. If dance is your passion then visit to Mumbai is must for you. Mumbai will never disappoint you.

Oceans of facilities

There are some of the best dancing institutes in Mumbai. Dancing is one of the best forms of art. You can get all the facilities thatare required for learning dance. The institutes in Mumbai offer best facilities for dance lovers. There are various facilities that these institutions provide. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • They provide yoga classes for the students. For dancers it is very important to have good body flexibility. These dancing institutions provide best yoga training for the students to increase their flexibility. Yoga is vital aspect of dancing.
  • They also provide plenty of dancing styles. Students can learn any form of dance that they want. Indian classical, salsa, hip hop, cha-cha and various other dance forms are taught in these institutes. Students can choose easily out if these options. Plenty options make it easy for the students to choose comfortably.
  • These institutes have the facility of gyms and body building training. This is also very vital aspect of dancing. You need to have a strong and healthy body for dancing.
  • The best thing about these dancing institutes is that they provide proper placements for the learners. The students can invest their money and be rest assured about their successful future. Students can get appropriate placements after their courses are over.

A bright future

Dancing-institute-Mumbai1Dancing is a great form of art. All the dance lovers should reach out for the Dancing institute in Mumbai for getting proper dancing courses. Dance courses can promise you a better future in the field of dancing. You should get a proper course from the best institutes in Mumbai. Dancing institutions are the best options for the dance lovers. Dancing not only helps in building a good career but it also helps on leading a healthy life. You can lead a happy and blissful life with dancing. Dance classes teach you the way to lead a happy and easy life. Dance classes are very essential for leading a proper life.

Safe future

Choosing the right institute is very vital. You can choose your option from the internet. Good institutions will provide good facilities. The duration of these courses is usually of 3 to 4 years. Some courses are even longer than that. Students can get their valuable certificates after their courses are over. They can finally get their proper placements for their successful future. These options are very lucrative for dance lovers.

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A Sneak Peak on choosing the Best Clinic for Artificial Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Hair loss is a common problem of both men and women today. This is the result of some factors like genetic composition, weak roots, imperfect diet, age, dandruff etc. there various types of procedure available in the market for treating this type of problems. If the hair loss arises due to generic composition, then it will be difficult to treat and main treatment of this problem is artificial hair transplant.

Artificial hair transplant in Mumbai is very popular technique which is adopted by those people, who have experienced hair loss in their younger age. It is basically a surgical procedure. But before selecting, it must be discussed with a specialist.

Here are some tips to choose the best clinic for artificial hair transplant in Mumbai
Low cost

Most of the people always rush to the cheaper procedure. In case of comparing different hair transplant clinics, all most all individual think that low or cheap service is best. But remember that most of the time cheap services are not always good, and cannot always produce satisfactory result. Some time inexperienced surgeons or technicians may leave serious injury or scars on the head during the surgery.
International standing of the doctors

The surgeons must have the certification from international hair restoration bodies like ISHRS, AAHRS or AHRS India. Before selecting any surgeon, it is important to find out their experience and contribution.
Application of latest technology:

The Clinic must have all modern tools, equipment. Before selecting any specialist, make sure that there is application of latest and high quality techniques to make the surgery successful. The doctor must have 5-6 years of experience in this field; they have to follow the ‘FUE Hair Transplant’ technique which is very safe for your hair and scalp. Some patients are attracted by false and fake ads featured on the newspaper, television or internet of in experienced doctor which can create big trouble for patients.

Experience/Qualification of Surgeon& OT team:

The doctors must be passed out from prestigious medical college with sufficient years of experience. Beside this, the surgeon should have proper references which can prove that he or she is a reputed specialist and they must have the experience to handle all modern equipment by which they can make the surgery successful. Moreover, the surgeon should have complete transparency when they are doing hair transplant surgery.

Select a clinic with in house and experienced Surgeon:

This is very important to select a doctor who works permanently with a hair transplant clinic. Actually there are many clinics in all cities where the doctors work for short-term contact. Those types of clinics are continuously changing their doctors. This is not good for patient, because we all know that the ultimate outcomes of this surgery can be observed after 10 to 12 months. If you choose a clinic where doctors generally work on a short term basis, then you cannot meet the surgeon if required.

Recently, complete hair transplant is highly suggested procedure as this is an easier, faster, does not create any type of scarring or wounds. But after surgery, you have to take proper care by daily cleaning as well as massaging. With proper massaging, the blood flow is perfectly increased.

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Gift Your Loved Ones the Chocolate Delights

sweets-chocolate-shop-MumbaiWith the festive seasons approaching, everyone is planning what gift to send the loved ones. There are many things in your mind but most of these things are what you like and are useful to you. Not everyone has the same interests and to find a great gift is quite stressful. It is always a task to find the appropriate gifts and if you are confused on what to buy so that your friends and family love your gift, well the answer is something that everyone loves. Where age is no issue and it tastes amazing to everyone, yes you can buy chocolates! Be it your grandmother, parents, kids at home, your friends or sister or boyfriend, chocolates are always a safe and delightful option. Plus these days there are many fancy Chocolate shops in Mumbai from where you can order separate chocolate packs or get the assorted collection according to the taste of your loved ones. These chocolate shops have a wide array of various chocolates made artistically. These chocolates taste heavenly delicious and look so good. Your loved ones will for sure feel special that you gave them such precious gift.


Most of these chocolate shops offer home delivery and online purchase option. So, in order to send some great gifts, you don’t have to rush to the super markets, you can just select the best ones sitting right inside your home and get the gifts delivered to them. It saves the time and also makes the gift recovers feel surprised. However, there are few things that you should keep in mind before you are ordering the chocolates online.

– Make sure to taste the sample chocolates before you order. It will help in checking the quality and taste.

– Ask the chocolate shops to deliver the gift in time and keep a follow up so that the shop takes you seriously and is not late for the delivery. A reliable chocolate shop will never let you down. So, check for the reputation of the shop.

– While selecting the chocolates, it is normal if you feel like buying almost everything in the store. Make sure you are not overwhelmed and burn all your cash. Keep a budget and buy everything inside the set budget.

– Look for discounts as during the festive seasons there are many chocolate shops in Mumbai giving some discounts.

Chocolate-shops-Mumbai3If you succeed in your plans, then there is simply no doubt that your partner will be more than delighted to receive your gift. Just imagine how beautiful your evening will be afterwards!

You can send these sweet token of happiness wrapped lip smacking delights to your precious people on other occasions like birthdays, New Year, anniversaries or as return gifts on your house parties. Most of the chocolate shops in Mumbai have different collections of designs and tastes for different occasions. These gifts are not only tasty, but meaningful and memorable. Each time the taste of the chocolate will melt inside their mouths, they will think of you for making them feel so special.

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Top 5 marriage halls in Mumbai – Avail you all best Facilities!

marriage-halls-Mumbai6Finding the correct marriage hall is a tough job. There are hundreds things that you need to consider when booking a wedding venue. To make a better choice, its best consider choice making only from the best. Know here about the best marriage halls in Mumbai

1.    Kings Resort, Thane: Kings Marriage And Party Hall is a famous Banquet Hall of Mumbai’s Thane area. The venue offers car and two wheeler parking space. It is an ideal banquet hall for all marriage functions such as engagement, reception, mehendi and others. It is located nearby the main the main road. Kings Marriage hall is spacious enough and can cater around 200 people at a time. From food to every other arrangement, each everything of Kings Marriage Hall is great. They also have option of online booking.


2.    Sunville Banquet and Conference: The Sunville is an ideal wedding venue for the ones that prioritize personalised and customised services. It can cater 25 to 750 persons at a time. They offer all kind of facilities that you possibly expect. The list includes Wi-Fi access, backup generator, dressing rooms for bridegroom and bride,
professional stage decoration, Audio Visual facilities, D.J. and much more. You can meet all your requirements efficiently in the company of highly experienced event coordinating team employed here.
3.    Shubhmangal Hall: If you are looking for a spacious wedding hall at a convenient location then Shubhamangal’ will serve you best. It is located at a short distance of Dombivli railway station towards the east side. Its AC hall is well decorated and designed, which makes it a perfect wedding venue. They also offer power backup in case there is power cut.

4.    The Retreat Hotel & Convention Centre: With the Retreat, you are sure to get anamazing wedding experience. The best part is on having them at your service you need not to worry about travel and multiple venue bookings. Its spacious and varied outdoor and indoor venues can accommodate around 700 guests. You can host all your wedding functions here. Additionally, you can create your wedding feast with a countless options of exotic cocktails and mock tails, mouth-watering desserts that are prepared by renowned Chefs and professional bartenders.

5.    Anand Mangal Hall: The professional experts at Anand Mangal hall offer personalized guidance and attention to their customers, ensuring a Grand Success of their event. This marriage hall is located at Kandivali west. This wedding venue well connected by auto rickshaw and buses from Borivali, Malad and Kandivali station. There are enough parking spaces here. The perfect ambience of the Anand Mangal Hall makes it one of a kind. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of decoration options customised according to the budget and preferences of the clients. They offer flexible catering options;you may even employ your own caterer. But they do not allow serving non-vegetarian food and liquor in the premises.

The wedding venue can enhance or degrade the ceremony. It’s important to book a perfect wedding venue for the success of the wedding event. From space to decoration, everything should be perfect.

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Enjoy best fitness before and after wedding life

Gyms are now an inseparable part of everyone’s life. Thus, young couples who are planning for a wedding in recent time should understand the importance of gym in their life. People of Ludhiana are young and charming, this is because they care for their physique and regularly visit some fitness centers. Gyms in Ludhiana are the best source to gain attractive personality by regular exercises and advice from expert. Beautiful personality and attractive physique is the desire of every bride and groom that they expect in their partners. Therefore, it is highly necessary that young people should regularly visit Gym to obtain healthy and attractive personality so that they easily gain the attention of their soul mate. Therefore, regular exercise will lead wedding couples to gain attractive personality, mental stability and other strength to cope with the stress and tensions that are generated at the time of wedding due to shopping and arrangements. Below are some of the positive aspects of gym for young couples who are going to enjoy their wedding life within few months.

  • Provides attractive physique: Wedding couples take intense care of their personality in order to gain attention of entire crowd in their wedding. If they have excess fat, they may look odd on their wedding day. Hence, losing the excessive fat and gaining an attractive personality will be a boon at the time of wedding that will attract the attention of entire crowed and soul mate will be hypnotized.

attractive physique

  • Reduce stress: Wedding is always associated with several work and arrangement. Hence, with lot to work, stress is also associated which may be like shopping, arrangements, invitations, etc. Regular exercise at fitness centers will definitely help young people to stay away from the worries and stress of wedding arrangements.


  • Enhance stamina: Gyms in Ludhiana are the best opportunity for wedding couples to stay healthy and energetic. Regular exercise provides great stamina that will help wedding couples to enjoy various outdoor activities after and before wedding.

Enhance stamina

  • Overall fitness: Regular visit to Gyms will add an additional charm and beauty in the life of wedding couples, as it helps in cognitive decline, control addition, brainpower, provides relaxation, and helps to stay healthy. Wedding comes with great responsibility and stress, thus, in order to enjoy a successful and healthy wedding life, young people have to choose Gyms as a secret for their physical fitness.

Hence, the above listed vested benefits of availing Gyms in Ludhiana cannot be neglected, as they are the true source of enjoying happy and successful wedding life. Healthy physique will ensure that new coupes have love and affection towards each other and can gain the attention of entire crowed by showing their couple dance on the night of wedding. Gyms are spread all over the city of Ludhiana and people who have their wedding in few months should make use of this opportunity to regain their attractive and glamorous personality before the wedding day. Young couples cannot ignore the importance of regular exercise, as it is the best way to enjoy a prosperous wedding life in near future.

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A look into the Top 8 Spa of Mumbai

Spa services in Mumbai have changed the lifestyle of the people living in the busy city. It helps the people to take a break from their busy and hectic schedule and indulge in a relaxation journey with the new spa services.


  1. Rudra Spa: If you are looking for a perfect ambience which is calm and peaceful with the serene atmosphere, then Rudra spa is the place for you. It provides the best body treatments. The service provided by the spa enriches your senses with focus on physical and spiritual healing techniques. This day Spa in Mumbai will amuse you as it has a large courtyard and an idol of Lord Shiva provides the spiritual mood. Ayurvedic along with Hawaiian and Tibetian style treatments are the speciality.
  2. Myrah Spa: Greek “Myrah” is commonly the term for fragrance. This spa lifts your spirits high with serenity and a peaceful ambience. The decorations of the interior of the spa are done in Mediterranean style and this makes it the best Spa in Mumbai. The spa is located in a cosy suburb in Juhu.The ambience of the spa is energetic and provides a calm sensation. The services provided by Myrah include packages which are specially made for pregnant women, massage of Asian ethnicity and sports therapies.
  3. Antara Spa: The name has a distinct appeal, in Sanskrit Antara means “to look within”. Luxurious and comfortable spa in the heart of Mumbai, with attractive services such as body wraps, body polishing, full body massage, facial massage and all services are provided at a reasonable rate. The most attractive service of the Antara Spa includes the massage service which includes techniques of Swedish origin and application of Aromatheraphy.
  4. Tahaa Spa: Tahaa Spa provides a gateway to a unique urban space. The design of the Spa is a delight for the customer’s eyes. Mahogany flooring provides a unique outlook. The treatments provided mainly include body massage, pedicure and manicures. The spa also offers other services at an affordable rate and the therapist are trained professionals who are experienced in awakening your senses.
  5. Serene Thai Spa: Exotic effects of theTreatments provided by this Thai spa are enhanced by the wall hangings of Buddha. The spiritual ambience is well maintained and the therapist focuses on unique techniques of body massages using the reflexes of the body parts and the facials are done in a traditional way.
  6. Spiritual Spa: Traditional spiritual healings and relaxation are provided using the Indian mind body philosophy. The traditional Indian treatments include herbal massages and the senior spa therapist of the industry has adequate knowledge in enhancing the fitness capability of the individual.
  7. Herbal Spa: Spa techniques of different nationality are the unique attraction of this spa service. Massage service of Balinese origin and treatment of deep tissue spots on the body are very popular treatments of this spa service. The massage service also includes the detoxification of the body through herb usage. The services are provided by the masseurs who are direct from the land of Thailand.
  8. Organic Spa: Organic Spa offers unique Massage services which includes the foot and body massages. Manicures and pedicures are done using organic methods and facials using exotic methodologies and these are the star attraction of this spa.
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